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I absolutely loved my time with Carline! Her teaching methods helped me establish my own critical thinking skills (not just in terms of language arts but also in terms of daily life). Before I started classes with Carline, my essay marks were at best in the low 80’s (note that I finished with a 97% average in English 30 IB!!!!) Although I found her classes to be extremely difficult at the beginning, after a while there was a significant improvement in my essay writing skills (and my confidence as well!) All in all, I have found my time with Carline to be invaluable and I am confident that the skills that she taught me will be helpful in all areas of my life.

Betty (student), Western Canada High School, English IB

Essay grades:100% on all essays
Final Gr 12 English average:97%, English 30 IB
University acceptances:University of Toronto
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