The Carline Academy currently offers group and individual classes. Semesters follow school schedules and run from September to January (fall semester), February to June (winter semester), and July to August (summer semester).

Fall & Winter Semesters

Our fall & winter semesters aim to supplement the school curriculum that students are learning in their classrooms Our semester classes assist students with striking a balance between extra English support, and in-school workloads/extracurriculars. Weekly lessons will closely follow in-school learning so that students are able to apply our practice towards their classroom texts, projects, and essays.

Summer Semester

Our summer semester provides an opportunity for students to get ahead, to improve on their weaker skills from the prior semester, and to prepare a strong foundation for the September school year. We help students learn English skills in advance so that they are ready to score marks as soon as they enter the fall classroom.

Services Provided

  • Application essay support (extracurricular applications & university applications)
  • Essay writing support & editing
  • Exam preparation support
  • Grammar & writing skills classes (for ELL & ESL students)
  • Curriculum teaching & classes (IB, AP, Alberta, and Ontario)
  • Educational consulting (for high school & post-secondary planning)